Web Sites Related to Rock Mechanics

  • Museum of Mineralogy, Ecole des mines, Paris
  • Stone Age Reference Collection at the University of Oslo, Norway
  • Rock Mechanics Institute, The University of Oklahoma
  • Prof. Carlos Santamarina at Georgia Tech.
  • Research Group of Excavation Engineering and Rock Mechanics, KItami Institute of Technology, Japan
  • Geomechanics laboratory, Tohoku University
  • Rock Mechanics, Kagoshima University
  • Wave and Signal Processing Laboratory, Muroran Institute of Technology
  • Dr. Mazen Kanj, The University of Oklahoma
  • Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory, Columbia University
  • Prof. Leonid Germanovich, Georgia Institute of Technology
  • Laboratory of Environmental Resource Engineering, Hokkaido University
  • Academic societies
  • Institute of Geonics, Czech Academy of Science
  • ISRM
  • The Japanese Committee for Rock Mechanics
  • ARMA
  • Mining and Materials Processing Institute of Japan
  • YARO (Young researchers' Association for ROck engineering)


  • CSIRO Petroleum
  • Hydrofrac.com
  • Japan Nuclear Cycle Development Institute.
  • Mine Safety and Health Administration, U.S. Department of Labor

    Private companies

  • Gesteinslabor
  • GL Test Systems
  • The image
  • MTS
  • Westport Technology Center International
  • TerraTek
  • Raax
  • Mr. Takakuwa's Page
  • SLB
  • Microsoft TerraServer
  • Mineral and Mines
  • Datasurge


  • COAL
  • Hoek's Corner
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