Research in the past

Themes for Ph.D.

  • Self Healing of Fractured Clastic Rocks
  • Deformation of rock cliff subjected to temperature change
  • The Stagnation of Global Warming in Mid-20th Century can be Explained by Atmospheric Nuclear Explosions!

    Other active themes

  • Earthquake prediction
  • Relationship between Earthquakes and eruptions
  • Prediction of failure time of rock (Science Direct or an author version)
  • What We should Do Now?
  • There is Sea Uranium for One Million Years!
  • Electric Vehicle Consumes the Same or More Energy than Gasolin Vehicle
  • How Wax is on the Ski Sole

    Still interested in

  • Estimation of In-situ Stress by using Tangent Modulus Method
  • Rigorous Simulation of Rock Failure using Molecular Dynamics
  • Creep Deformation of Rocks
  • New Criterion for Brittle Failure of Rocks Based on Extensile Strain
  • Constitutive Equation based on Strain-dependent Deformation Coefficients
  • Exfoliation Near Rock Surface
  • Numerical Prediction of Rockbursts at Deep Longwall Coal Face
  • The Fastest Trace in Skiing.
  • Endurance Training.

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