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  • Yoshiaki FUJII
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    Fujii, Y. (2016), What Should We Do to Improve the Future for Humans? Proc. ASEAN++, Keynote speaking 1, pp. 775-785, Jul, 28, Bangkok, THAILAND.

    Global Temperature is not Rising in the 21st Century!

    Foreshocks had been Observed since Two Days before the 2011 off the Pacific Coast of Tohoku Earthquake, Mar. 11, 2011!

    The Stagnation of Global Warming in Mid-20th Century can be Explained by Atmospheric Nuclear Explosions!

    Don't Try to Reduce CO2!

    Environmental Impact of Electric Vehicle is More Than Popular Gasoline Vehicle!

    Don't try to reduce cholesterol if you want to live long!

    Reduce carbohydrate if you want to live long!

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